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Last year's staff

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2024 staff recruitment

Sounkyo Hostel is a guesthouse based on mountain walking at the foot of " Daisetsuzan" located in the middle of Hokkaido .

Thanks to the support of all the staff,

We were able to get over everything.

(Thank you very much everyone!)


Again this year, to create a base to enjoy nature,

And we also want to live a rich life at the foot of the mountain,

We are looking for staff to work with!


Aiming for such an inn.

Hokkaido is vast, but Mt. Daisetsuzan boasts a majestic scale.


If you take the ropeway and walk up the mountain, you will arrive at a view that overlooks dozens of kilometers.

Many people walk up the mountain using this hostel as their starting point.


We love the nature of Hokkaido and Daisetsuzan, and we want to make the locals proud.

When it comes to staying in the mountains, “the hurdles are high”

Some people may feel that way.

The walk at the foot of the mountain is also wonderful.

We value enjoying nature wherever we are. We think it's best.


We gain a lot of information by enjoying nature.

We will send out information to those who came to stay overnight and those who want to start mountaineering.


We hope that nature and mountains will become more familiar to people.


Kamikawa, a town with inn.

The mountains are fun,But the town of Kamikawa is also interesting.

A traditional hot springs, Izakaya and Ramen shops.

There is also a sake brewery using the water of Daisetsuzan,a playground for children with a cafe. ​


The people who moved to Kamikawa-cho is thinking about the connection with nature, food, and the community.

It is often difficult to live such a town, But we are trying to move the town forward a little. We think about the area unconsciously while working.

A small town with a population of less than 4,000, that's why it's worth doing,It is fun to do above all.

Work of the inn.

"Guests feel comfortable "

We value this more than anything else.


First, clean it carefully, We will welcome guests relaxedly.

Supporting people's travel and mountain climbing, Cook a meal, talk, And drink together.


We also climb mountains on holidays. Take a nap, read a book, and take a hot spring bath. A simple lifestyle will heal your body and mind.


This is a job that will help you develop your ability to live while working and make you love the mountains even more.


Not only are the guests important, but so are the workers.


Please tell me what you want to do.

Then, try your hand at Sounkyo Hostel. We welcome your motivation and curiosity.

(The owner is enjoying it too!)


Let's work together at the foot of the mountains in Hokkaido.

We look forward to working with you.

アンカー 2

Asking the other staff

I came to Sounkyo in search of a slow life.It was actually a happy miscalculation.

It was a fun and busy four months. It really feels like a family. In the morning,I say good morning to everyone, go to work, and then eat together.

I didn't have a driver's license, so I used buses and trains to go into town. It may be inconvenient if there is only one train per hour or the last train is early.

But let's enjoy even the inconvenience.

Also...on my day off, I couldn't take a break unless I was conscious of it.'s fun! lol If the weather is nice, I want to go to the mountains,and it's also interesting to talk with other staff and guests.I recommend consciously making time for yourself.

And I think it's important to create fun times yourself, rather than relying on someone else to entertain you. At Sounkyo Hostel, you can spend time as if you were back in your youth.

I had no experience working in a hostel or mountain climbing. I love hostels! I want to try mountain climbing too! looks fun! That's the only reason I applied.


Working at Sounkyo Hostel was different from my previous experiences. It was a more multi-tasking job than I had imagined. I was conflicted, thinking, ``What can I do?'' and ``What do I want to do here?''

But this is an environment where it's easy to take on even the smallest challenges. I gained confidence in myself through repeated failures and successes. I feel like I was able to expand my possibilities.


Living together and sharing values is difficult but interesting. Be more open about your feelings instead of keeping them all to yourself. Have lots of conversations with your friends and guests.

Cherish the courage to take on challenges and the feeling of having fun!

I was vaguely thinking that I wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and be in touch with nature. That's when I found Sounkyo Hostel.

There are deer walking outside all the time. I think it is very rare to live inside a national park. I have some experience in cleaning hotels. However, because the systems were different, it was a little difficult to finish the cleaning in time.

At that time, my colleague helped me. Although we all have our own individual styles, we had many fun times together, such as eating together and talking with each other. Both guests and staff had various reasons for choosing this hostel, but I was able to meet many people here and hear many different stories.


On your days off, you can spend meaningful time climbing, driving, and going to hot springs! Please spend your precious time in the great nature of Hokkaido.

アンカー 1

●Job details
General guest house management (inside cleaning, reception, reservation management, cooking, etc.)

●Employment type
Work shifts approximately 4 to 5 days a week, approximately 8 to 9 hours a day

(planned to have a 2 to 3 hour break including each meal)
There are early shifts and late shifts.

We will listen to your wishes regarding working days, so please consult with us.

Work for 2 months or more between early June and mid-October
Preference will be given to those who can work for a long period of time,

but short-term positions are also possible. Please feel free to contact us.

●Salary and benefits

・Daily wage from 8,000 yen (1 month trial period from 7,500 yen, salary increase available)

・Rent, utilities, food (3 meals), and internet fees are deducted from your salary, so there are no living expenses.

・Part of the transportation expenses to Sounkyo will be subsidized.

・The Kurodake Ropeway is also in operation with the cooperation of the local “Rinyu Kanko”!

・We will also give you preferential treatment at nearby hot springs.


※We would like to discuss the number of working days, employment type, and social insurance according to each individual's style. Let's think about creating an environment that is comfortable for both of us to work together!

​1. Full time job

Our focus is not on those who seek quick earning in a short time, like a resort job. We are looking for individuals who value personal growth, want to experience living in the natural beauty of Hokkaido, have a passion for hiking, and are interested in gaining experience in hospitality industries.

 ●Job details
Guest house management assistance (inside cleaning, simple office work, interaction with guests, etc.)

●Work style
Work 4-5 days a week, approximately 4 hours a day (10:00-15:00, including a 1-hour break)


Work for 7 days or more between early June and mid-October
Of course, long-term stays are also possible. Please feel free to contact us.

●Salary and benefits
・Live-in rent, utilities, and food expenses are all free.

・The hourly wage for the hours worked is offset by the cost of lodging, utilities, and food.Therefore, no salary income will be generated.

・Kurodake Ropeway is also available courtesy of the local "Rinyu Kanko"!

・We also give preferential treatment to nearby hot springs!

​2. Helper staff

Since your shift will be fewer than full-time staff, you can ensure your personal time. If you are someone who wants to explore nature, gain some experience in hospitality industry, is seeking to go hiking while enjoying shared life with other coworkers , or wants to make the most of your university life, please feel free to apply . A wonderful experience waits for you .

[We are looking for someone …]
・who likes to please others 
・who is interested in mountains and nature (or those open trying hinting in mountain )
・who can appreciate meals and engage in conversations
・who has something you want to try at Sounkyo Hostel
・Applicants aged between 18 to 45 including students will be welcomed. 

*If you are interested in travel and guesthouse, that would be absolutely a plus.
*Additionally , If you speak a language other  than Japanese, it would be greatly appreciated since we often have guests from overseas.  If you are seeing  to improve your Japanese, there will be plenty of opportunity through interactions with our guests and other staff.

【Application method】

Fill out the necessary information in the e-mail and send it to the following e-mail address.


① Name

② Date of birth

③ Current address (only the municipal name is OK)

④ Phone number

⑤ Email address

⑥ Desired working style (resident or helper)

⑦ Desired work period

⑧ Special skills and favorite things

⑨ Why did you apply?


I will contact you later at a later date,

Let's talk and talk together.


Owner Shimizu

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