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Climb mountain

Daisetsuzan is not the name of a single mountain, but a general term for the mountains in the area.

Many people visit Daisetsuzan in search of magnificent mountain scenery in the northern country that cannot be seen anywhere else.

In the early summer of July, pretty alpine plants begin to bloom, and in September the earliest autumn leaves in Japan.

Here are some courses. (Please contact us for details)

Please come and experience the magnificent scenery of Daisetsuzan once.

First, let's grasp the positional relationship on the map of the entire Daisetsuzan.

(Sounkyo is to the north)

Kurodake Summit Course: About 1 hour and 30 minutes one way

Start climbing from the 7th station using the Kurodake ropeway lift just a short walk from the inn!

The road is a single road without getting lost.

The challenge of walking around Daisetsuzan starts here.

If you are lucky, you can walk while watching the sea of ​​clouds.

Flowers are best seen in early July and autumn leaves are best seen in early September.

If you go about 20 minutes without turning back at the top

There are stone rooms and toilets where you can rest and stay.


Akadake Kurodake vertical course: Approximately 8 hours

There is also a bus from the front of the inn to "Ginsendai", the starting point for Mt. Aka. (July-September only)


""Ginsendai → Akadake → Kurodake → Sounkyo ”has different entrances and exits, so it is recommended for people who do not want to follow the same road.

If you are physically fit, you can take a detour to Mt. Hakuun on the way.


The road to Mt. Hokkai, which runs along the way, is a flat vertical road, and the road that wonders how far you will go extends, and there is nothing to block your view.

In addition, the autumn colors on the road from Ginsendai to Akadake are famous all over the country, and it is a course that you can enjoy in both summer and autumn.


Around the bowl course: Approximately 8 hours

If you follow the road that continues from the top of Mt. Kurodake, you can feel the size of Mt. Daisetsu at the Observatory.

Like drawing a circle from thereThere is a vertical course that walks through a large panorama.

If you feel the size of Hokkaido, go here.


Starting from the 7th station of Kurodake, which is down the lift, it takes about 8 hours, so bring rice and action meals.


From the middle of this routeYou can also exit to Asahidake (Higashikawa Town).

It's fun to move to the next town through the mountains! (There is also a bus from the foot of Mt. Asahidake to Asahikawa)


Kogen Onsen Swamp Tour Course: Approximately 6 hours

About an hour's drive from Sounkyo, there is a plateau hot spring area that is said to be an unexplored region .

There is one hot spring inn and two trailheads. One to Mt. Midori, and the other to this swamp tour course. (There is also a one-day hot spring)

Rather than aiming for the summit, a route full of nature around a rich swamp (rather than a beautiful pond).

Since brown bears are often observed around this route, there are promises for walking, so please check from the URL below.

Rather than going to see brown bears, I was conscious of "going to the brown bear's residence".

Real nature is here.


Galactic Waterfall / Ryuseino Falls: Approximately 50 minutes on foot

The parking lot under the waterfall is an 8-minute drive from the inn.

Furthermore, to the observatory called Soubakudai,

15 minutes walk from the parking lot.

If the weather is nice, you can see Kurodake on the meteor waterfall.

Cycling up to this point is recommended.


Autumn leaves valley: about 25 minutes one way

A walking course right from our inn.

As the name suggests, the autumn leaves are also beautiful.

A powerful waterfall and a powerful waterfall at the end of the walk

You can see columnar joints where the rock is broken on the pillar.

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If you want to know more about mountains,

See also here.

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