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Climb mountain

Daisetsuzan is not the name of one mountain, but a general term for the mountains in the area.

Many people visit Daisetsuzan in search of the magnificent mountain scenery of the northern country that cannot be seen anywhere else.

Pretty alpine plants begin to bloom in early summer in July, and the earliest autumn leaves in Japan in September.

Here are some courses.

Please come and experience the magnificent scenery of Daisetsuzan.

Kurodake round-trip course: about 2 hours walking

The flowers are in full bloom in early July, and the autumn leaves are in full bloom in early September.

If you proceed for about 20 minutes without turning back at the top

There is a stone room and a toilet where you can stay.

Around the bowl course: Approximately 8 hours walking

While looking at the mountains of heavy snow

Around the central crater.

Recommended for those who visit Daisetsuzan for the first time.


Galactic Waterfall / Ryuseino Falls: Approximately 50 minutes on foot

The parking lot under the waterfall is an 8-minute drive from the inn.

Furthermore, to the observatory called Soubakudai,

15 minutes walk from the parking lot.

If the weather is nice, you can see Kurodake on the meteor waterfall.

Cycling up to this point is recommended.


Autumn leaves valley: Approximately 25 minutes on foot

A walking course right from our inn.

As the name suggests, the autumn leaves are also beautiful.

A powerful waterfall and a powerful waterfall at the end of the walk

You can see columnar joints where the rock is broken on the pillar.


If you want to know more about mountains,

See also here.

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