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Sounkyo Hostel is looking for staff to work with in the summer and fall of 2019! ]

Sounkyo Hostel is a guesthouse that is a base for walking in the mountains at the foot of Mt. Daisetsu, Hokkaido, the largest national park in Japan.

2019 is the second season, and the inn is still in the future.

Even before the opening, I was able to run through with the support of all the staff in the first year of operation. (thanks so much!)

This year too, we are looking for staff to work with us to create a base to enjoy nature and to live a rich life at the foot of the mountain!

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Hokkaido is large, but Daisetsuzan is a magnificent scale. If you walk the mountain using the ropeway, you will arrive at a view that overlooks several tens of kilometers away. The perspective is out of order.

An inn where you can make a plan for a mountain walk to such an extraordinary place with peace of mind.

And I hope that many people will walk in the mountains from this inn, become fond of the nature of Hokkaido, and be proud of the locals.

Some people may feel that the hurdles are high when it comes to mountain inns, but it doesn't matter what the walk at the foot of the mountain is , and I think that we must enjoy nature more than anyone else.

And I would like to continue to send various information to people who want to start the mountain, not to mention the people who came to stay, to make nature closer to the mountain.

For "mountain walking" rather than "mountain climbing".

The mountains are fun, but the town of Kamikawa, where the Sounkyo hostel is located, is also interesting.

A new sake brewery using water from Daisetsuzan has been built, teamLab, a digital art company, has begun to make a permanent exhibition at a closed school, a glass HARIO lampwork factory has been opened, and a cafe that emphasizes roasting has been opened. There are other people who have been migrating with aspirations .

It's a small town with a population of less than 4,000, but I think it's worth doing, and above all, it's fun to do.

▲ △ ▲ △ ▲ △ ▲ △ ▲ △

The work of the inn is to clean the guests so that they can spend their time comfortably, to greet them comfortably, to snuggle up to their trips and mountain climbing, to cook rice, to talk, and to drink alcohol. ..

On holidays, we also climbed mountains, took a nap, read a book, and took a hot spring bath.

It's a job that gives you the power to live while working, and makes you love mountains more.

It goes without saying that we are close to our guests, but working people are even more important. Please tell us what you want to do and what you want to do. And if you can, try it at Sounkyo Hostel.

Let's work together at the foot of the mountain in Hokkaido this year.

I wish you a good relationship.

I'll be waiting at the mountain lodge in Hokkaido!


▲ △ 2018 Whistleblower from staff △ ▲


I enjoyed the mountains that I couldn't do on a normal holiday, such as getting up in the morning and going to the mountains because the weather is fine today, stopping because I'm suspicious of going to the clouds, and staying at a mountain lodge where I finished my work early.

You can feel the four seasons of the mountains close to you, such as the color of the trees changing, so it is really recommended for mountain lovers and nature lovers.

It was also a good experience to get to know mountain-related people such as mountain guides, mountain trail maintenance staff, and ropeway staff.

The hard part was that I couldn't stop crying when I made a lot of onion slices with curry. Smile

It was an environment where I could try to use English as well as gestures by communicating with guests from overseas, so I was able to take an innovative step in my English history.

Life at the inn was .... the shower room was big and cold. (Sorry lol) And it was delicious though it wasn't served. Lol The quality of your eating habits has improved.

It was easy for me to have an attitude of answering when I asked everyone about my work and mountains.

I also remember having a two-day, one-night mountain trip with a helper girl from Taiwan!


The scenery of the inns and hotels in the rock surface of Sounkyo was strange. I've seen various guesthouses, but when I saw the building, I honestly thought it was "big". Smile

Honestly, the number of guests was small at the beginning because the hostel was not recognized yet soon after it opened, so I had plenty of time to clean up and check in, and to read books and stop in the spare time. What.

The number of guests has increased little by little, and I'm getting busy, but even so, when I find time, I like cafe time, BBQ, and naps. It was a fun day at night, including talking to guests from all over the world.

As part of your work, you can walk and patrol mountain trails like green patrols, help unload helicopters, and feel the mountains from a non-climber perspective.

▲ △ Recruitment staff △ ▲

① Live-in staff (* Recruitment has ended)

* Click to enlarge.


② Helper staff

* Click to enlarge.


[I want people like this to come]

・ People who can cherish guests (guests)

・ People who like mountains and nature(People who want to walk in the mountains)

・ People between the ages of 18 and 50 (students allowed)

* I am very happy if you are interested in travel and guest houses.

* There are many guests from overseas, but English proficiency is not essential. There is no problem if you try to tell and remember. (I'm not fluent in the first place, so let's study together)

* Overseas people are also welcome! (Working holiday visa is required)

【Application method】

Please fill in the required items in the email and send it to the following address.

① Name

② Date of birth

③ Current address (only the name of the city, town, or village is fine)

④ Phone number

⑤ Email address

⑥ Desired work style (living or helper)

⑦ Desired work period

⑧ Special skills and favorite things

⑨ Why did you apply?

We will get back to you shortly, so let's talk to each other and discuss their opinions.

Owner Shimizu

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