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We  looking forward

to your visit.

Guesthouse at the foot of

Daisetsuzan National park

Sounkyo is a hot spring  resort town in the north of  Daisetsuzan National Park.

Daisetsuzan is Hokkaido's largest national park.
It consist
  mountainous area of virtually unspoiled wilderness.

(great great  landscapes, alpine plants, color leaves, wild animals, etc ..)

Sounkyo hostel is a short 7-min walk from trailhead, thus at a  great location for  mountain trekking. 
We will be happy helping you make trekking plans.

Please consult with us at any time.

Our retro buildings provide a great environment to heal you from  the tiredness of your trip.

It really is the most suitable place to make a plan of the mountain trekking.

And after getting tired from trekking, we want to welcome back you warmly.

We want to offer you a place to unwind,

make a plans, talk to other travelers and share stories.
We aim not only to provide a bed for the night,

but also a space for the exchange of ideas, feeling, experiences  and growth.
Because that is what traveling is about.

To all trekkers and  travelers.

We looking forward to your visit.

Have fun your travel.  Let's take it easy.

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