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2020 staff recruitment

Sounkyo Hostel is the largest national park in Japan,

This guest house is a base for walking in the mountains at the foot of Mt. Daisetsu, Hokkaido .

2020 is our third season.

The meaning of "continue for 3 years" that you often hear in the streets

It's finally the year to be tested.

It was the first year that it was a mess until it opened.

And the second year when I tried anything with a new feeling.

Thanks to the support of all the staff

I was able to overcome anything.

(Thank you everyone!)

This year as well, to create a base for enjoying nature

And we also want to live a rich life at the foot of the mountain

We are looking for staff to work with!


I am aiming for such an inn.

Hokkaido is large, but

Among them, Daisetsuzan is a magnificent scale.


If you walk in the mountains using the ropeway,

Arrived at the scenery overlooking several tens of kilometers away.

Well, the perspective is out of order.


A plan for a mountain walk to such an extraordinary

An inn where you can stand with peace of mind.


And starting from this inn

Many people walked in the mountains,

I fell in love with the nature of Hokkaido

I wish I could be proud of the locals.

When it comes to mountain inns, "the hurdles are high."

Some people may feel that, but

It doesn't matter what the walk at the foot of the mountain is.

First of all, we enjoy nature more than anyone else.

I think that is the most.

What each person gets there is live information.

Not to mention the people who came to stay

For those who want to start the mountain from now on

I will send them.


Then nature, mountains,

I want to make it more familiar .

For "mountain walking" rather than "mountain climbing".


Kamikawa Town, Sounkyo, the town where the inn is located.

Mountains are fun, but

Sounkyo hostel is located

The town of Kamikawa is also interesting.

An old hot spring town, izakaya and ramen shop.

A sake brewery using the water of Daisetsuzan can be built there ,

There is a children's playground with a cafe.


Very generous locals.

A person from the government office who works too hard.

And considering the connection with nature, food, and the region,

People who emigrated to Kamikawa Town.

To be honest, it's often difficult,

People are connected

I'm trying to move the town forward as much as possible.


I am unconsciously thinking about the area while working .

If you look outside, you can see the green of the mountains and the clear snow.

It's never been so rich.


It's a small town with a population of less than 4,000,

That's why I think it's worth doing

Above all, it's fun to do.

The work of the inn.

"Getting guests to spend time comfortably "

This is more important than anything else.

First of all, clean it carefully,

We will welcome guests in a relaxed manner.


Being close to the person's travel and mountain climbing,

Make rice, talk,

And have a drink together.

On holidays, we also climb the mountains.

Take a nap, read a book, and take a hot spring bath.

That's all, but it heals your body and soul.

Gain the power to live while working,

  I like mountains more,

That's the job.


Of course, we will be close to our guests,

Working people are more important.

What you want to do,

Please tell me what you want to do.

And if you can

Try it at Sounkyo Hostel.


Your motivation and curiosity are welcome.

(The owner also enjoys it together!)

This year at the foot of the mountain in Hokkaido

Let's work together.


I wish you a good relationship.


I'll be waiting at the mountain lodge in Hokkaido!

アンカー 2

Whistleblower from 2019 staff


An irresistible workplace for mountain and hot spring lovers!

It was a truly luxurious experience to be able to easily climb Daisetsuzan at the foot of the mountain! Life at the inn does not feel inconvenient, and it is a human-like life where you work a lot, eat delicious food, and sleep soundly!

One of the hardest things about my work was that I could speak English. Sweat There are many guests from overseas, so there are occasions when I use English. However, even if I can't speak, the people around me will tell me, so it's pretty good. As a result, it was very stimulating and my horizons expanded. I really enjoyed interacting with overseas guests.

Not only for those who like nature, but also for those who want to change the environment or try something.

Daily cleaning and occasional trekking, hot springs and delicious meals. Thanks to that, I lost about 8 kg in about two weeks after I started working. Smile

But what surprised me more than my physical changes was that I felt my mind change.

Having spent the summer at this hostel surrounded by columnar joints in Sounkyo, I was a little negative thinking, but I am positive with small conversations between staff and communication beyond words with foreign guests. I think I was able to become.

The relationship with the staff and helpers who love the leeway and abundance, the people who have been friendly with us, and above all the guests. Thank you for those edges.


The most fun thing is rice! I was happy every day because the meal was too delicious. Everything goes well when you're full. I also enjoyed the conversation during the meal time.

I worked as a helper, but basically it's free once cleaning is done!

To be honest, it's hard on a busy day, but the experience of overcoming it together was exciting, meaningful and fun.

On holidays, go to the mountains and refresh! I was able to climb the mountain with the guest because of the encounter at the inn. Everything was really grateful and happy days!

アンカー 1

1. Live-in staff

● Business content

  • Guest house management in general

  • Please clean the building, reception, reservation management, and simple office work.

● Employment form

  • Work 5 to 6 days a week for 8 to 9 hours a day (1 hour break planned for each meal)

  • There are early and late shifts. We will ask you about your working days and hours, so please consult with us.

  • It's not always moving, and I have time to take a breather. Those who can use their time well , such as reading, the Internet, and taking a walk, are welcome.

● Period

  • Work for one month or more from early June to mid-October

  • We give preferential treatment to those who can work for a long time, but of course it is possible even for a short period. Please feel free to contact us.

● Salary and treatment

  • Daily salary 7,000 yen ~ / Rent, utilities, food, all free (6,500 yen ~ for one month trial period. Salary will be decided according to ability etc.)

  • Labor insurance (employment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance)

  • We will provide a part of the transportation expenses to Sounkyo.

  • The Kurodake Ropeway is also free with the kindness of the local "Rinyu Tourism"! We also give preferential treatment to nearby hot springs.
    * For example ... If you work for about 24 days a month with a daily salary of 7,000 yen, you will be paid 168,000 yen.
    Assuming that the free rent is 20,000 yen, the utility bill is 15,000 yen, and the food bill is 15,000 yen.
    The monthly salary is expected to be about 218,000 yen.

I can't say that my salary is high, so rather than "I want to earn!" We are waiting for those who can find value in different parts such as "I want to experience".

2. Helper staff

● Business content

  • Guest house management in general

  • Cleaning the hall, simple office work (cutting paper, becoming a consultant), etc.

● Working style

  • Work 4 or 5 days a week for about 4 hours a day (10 to 15:00, of which 1 hour break is planned)

● Period

  • Work 10 days or more between mid-June and mid-October

  • Of course, it can be extended. Please feel free to contact us.

● Salary and treatment

  • Free of charge for living (rent, utilities, food)

  • The hourly wage for working hours is offset by the cost of accommodation, utilities, and food.
    Therefore, no income is generated as salary.

  • The Kurodake Ropeway is also free with the kindness of the local "Rinyu Tourism"! We also give preferential treatment to nearby hot springs!

There are fewer working days and hours than paid live-in staff, so you can take your time.
If you want to spend a short time in nature, experience a lodging business, or want to climb a mountain while living, please apply. There is a rich life there.

[I want people like this to come]

  • A person who can cherish guests (guests)

  • People who like mountains and nature(People who want to walk in the mountains)

  • People between the ages of 18 and 50 (students allowed)


* I am very happy if you are interested in travel and guest houses.

* There are many guests from overseas, but English proficiency is not essential. 

There is no problem if you try to tell and remember.

(I'm not fluent in the first place, so let's study together)

* Overseas people are also welcome! (Working holiday visa is required)

【Application method】

Please fill in the required items in the email and send it to the following email address.


① Name

② Date of birth

③ Current address (only the name of the city, town, or village is fine)

④ Phone number

⑤ Email address

⑥ Desired work style (living or helper)

⑦ Desired work period

⑧ Special skills and favorite things

⑨ Why did you apply?

We will get back to you shortly.

Let's talk to each other and share their opinions.


Owner Shimizu

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